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As a design-centric manufacturing company, our passion for creating furniture starts from the very first sketch, through to the final delivery. Our engineering and client teams work with you every step of the way to ensure your goals for your space are realized. Whether you come to us with a quick napkin sketch or a full-blown vision accompanied by a mood board and reference pieces, our team will bring it to life. We don’t just stop with individual products, our team assists with spacial planning and product pairing as well. That’s Design Services. You have been dreaming of your space for months, maybe even years, and we put the same care and detail into bringing those dreams to reality, both in the literal design process and how we approach our client relationships.  


You have a vision, we’re here to help. We are a team of people as passionate as you are. We’d like you to meet Carl, an account manager, and Benny, a product engineer. When Carl meets with his clients, his goal is to understand your vision. What is your project scope? What is your budget? Do you know what products you need, or do you need us to help you choose? Geared with this knowledge, Carl will work with Benny to bring your project to life. With a focus on value engineering, we ensure the design meets both your aesthetic and business goals. As Carl says, “we are serious about being good partners, not just “salespeople.” We aim to offer the best product to meet our clients’ needs.” 


Once you feel comfortable that these needs are met, Benny gets to work. Each design starts with a full 3D model allowing Benny and the engineering team to visualize the product fully and create realistic drawings for our clients so you can see it, too. Benny then dives deep to engineer precisely how each piece will be made, down to the dimensions of the nuts and bolts.These exact details are sent to our fulfillment team and used to build each of your products by hand. Our goal is not to just create beautiful pieces, but durable, functional products that meet all the needs demanded of your commercial space.



As they partner together throughout a project, Carl and Benny both enjoy different elements of how their work comes to life. For Benny, he enjoys the diverse work he gets to tackle. “I’m getting a new project to work on every other day, always a new opportunity to collaborate with our client team, new problems to work with and new solutions to discover, again and again.” For Carl, his favorite part is the relationships he builds with the clients through this process. “My clients know when they’re calling Crow Works, they’re calling me. They won’t get tossed back and forth – I’ll be there to see them through the process and a resource available always. We are relationship focused, not transaction focused.”The relationships we build, the passion we share, and detail we put into each project is what makes us Crow Works.

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July 2024

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