Booth vs. Banquette: What’s the Difference?

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The terms “booth” and “banquette” are often used interchangeably, but there are some subtle differences between the two variations. Kind of like how all bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon, “banquette” is a broad term for a (typically) upholstered fixed bench seat. When two banquettes are placed facing each other with a table between them, they are considered a booth.

Banquettes can be placed in long runs along walls, used in the middle of a space, or in other various configurations to optimize seating space. They also have the benefit of being adaptable for different table arrangements, comfortable for diners, and helping with acoustics (when upholstered).  

Banquette | The W Nail Bar
Wilmot Banquette | Portland Concept

Booths are generally intended to create a cozy, private seating experience where the banquettes are turned in toward each other. The banquettes that form a booth are often placed back-to-back to create double sided booth seating. This type of arrangement is ideal for creating an atmosphere of comfort and privacy while still allowing guests to enjoy to overall environment of the space.

Booth | MOD Pizza
Wilmot Booth | New York Concept

Fixed seating is an attractive and versatile solution for many spaces, especially restaurants, cafés, hotels, and bars. Our booth and banquette program offers a wide array of profiles and finish options to perfectly suit your needs.

Our products are carefully made-to-order in Killbuck, Ohio using natural and sustainable materials. We believe in the value of bringing the natural world into the spaces where we gather, eat, and share. Contact [email protected] to start your quote or for more information.

Booth | Wendy's
Quincy Booth | Wendy’s
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July 2024

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