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Earth Week Blog – 12 - Crow Works

Happy Earth Day and happy Arbor Day!

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The natural world is at the root of everything we do here at Crow Works, and we are excited to celebrate this all with you. While lesser known, Arbor Day was the first holiday created to celebrate nature in the 1870s. Born in the midwest, Arbor Day came from Julius Sterling Morton of Nebraska’s desire to encourage the planting of trees. We admire this passion and are inspired by the mission. 

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We share Morton’s love for the natural world and pride ourselves on using all natural materials and real, hardwood to create our pieces. We also share the dream of a greener world, and with this, we recognize the importance of practicing sustainability and doing our part to have as little impact possible on the world we all share. We practice ethical business standards and prioritize working with suppliers that do the same all year round, but in celebration of Earth Day and Arbor Day, we’ve decided to do even more. We have partnered with One Tree Planted for a 1-1 tree planting initiative all week long. 

OneTree Planted is a non-profit organization founded in Vermont that embodies the spirit and mission of Morton. They work with reforestation organizations around the world in need of financial support to help them get more trees in the ground. Their mission is simple; make it easy for people to help the environment. For only one dollar, they are able to plant a tree. We at Crow Works believe in giving back to our community and the natural world around us, so we are joining to plant one tree for every new follower we gain through Instagram this week. 

While this particular partnership spans a week, we’ve decided to make commitments each year to ensure we’re doing our part to decrease the impact we have on the world we share. This year, we’re committed to decreasing our carbon footprint, lowering our material waste output, and making smarter material sourcing decisions by:

Donating fabric and leather scraps to ZeroLandfill Columbus and selling our wood waste for use as animal bedding and starter logs.

Ethically and sustainably sourcing our raw materials by partnering with organizations like OFA and NHLA.

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We expect this commitment to the planet from not just ourselves but also our suppliers. We are proud to work with lumber suppliers who practice responsible forestry. All of our wood is intentionally sourced from the Appalachian Region as it is a sustainable harvest region and lowers our carbon footprint with shorter travel time to our facilities.

The natural world is a continuous source of inspiration for us, and we believe in the impact natural design has in creating a space. Most importantly though, we care deeply about the protection of our planet and hope you join our mission for a greener world. 

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