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Meet Sarah Hansel. She is a rising senior at The Ohio State University and has been a part of our People Team (HR) for 12 weeks this summer. Here is a window into what a typical day has looked like for her here at Crow Works.

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7 am

I start my day at 7am and head downstairs to turn on my Keurig. Crow Works has a relaxed dress code, so today I think I’ll wear some jeans and my new favorite Madewell blouse. I grab my coffee, granola bar, packed lunch and start my roughly 30-minute commute to Johnstown. This is one of my favorite parts of my day – I take quiet backroads and listen to my Spotify playlist before a full day of work.

8:30 am

I arrive to the office and am greeted by the team, including, Denise Blankemeyer, co-founder of Crow Works whose desk is a table over from mine in the open concept office. She, along with her husband and co-founder, Dennis Blankemeyer, are both incredibly inviting and approachable individuals who are very present at both offices. The office atmosphere is one of hustle but also warm and inviting. There is music playing and on nice days we open our garage door to bring in a cool breeze. I get to my desk and start mapping out a to do list of my day and check my calendar for any meetings on my horizon.

9:30 am

Every week the whole HR team gets together for an L10 meeting. We touch base about the previous week and get on the same page about our individual responsibilities for the upcoming week. We always start with “something good” happening in our lives. I appreciate how much Crow Works genuinely cares about us all and our personal well-being. We discuss issues we see on the rise and strategize steps towards how we as a team can solve them. It’s exciting to be included in these conversations and see every part of the business as an intern.

11 am

After our L10 meeting, I head back to my desk to work on one of the projects I have been assigned this summer – recreating the Crow Works Team Member Manual. I am creating this resource as a road map for new hires and a reference guide for current team members. I am responsible for deciding what content to include along with the general layout of the manual. It has been fun collaborating with our graphic designer, Brooke, to create the final product. I love how I’m spending my internship working on a real project that will make a difference at the company while getting to work with other departments along the way.

12:30 pm

It’s lunch time! We have great restaurants within walking distance to the office, but today I brought my lunch. Our open concept office encourages conversation and we all enjoy lunch together. I hop on LinkedIn to gather ideas for my second project, an Employer Branding guide for LinkedIn. This project has been fun for me; I am helping create a guide for our team to better understand and use the platform and working with Marketing to increase our presence.

1 pm

Carolyn, our HR generalist, has a phone screen for a potential new hire and I get to sit in on the conversation. Before the phone call, she preps me with questions she is hoping to get answers to. I love seeing this aspect of the business, and it’s helpful for myself, as well, to see how interviews work on the other end!

3 pm

It is time for another coffee! There is a great coffee shop down the street and a few of us head over. It’s nice to get some fresh air away from our computer screens. I always take this opportunity to ask them about their careers and how they got to Crow Works. Everyone is so open, and it is fun for me to get to know my coworkers through hearing about their stories.

3:15 pm

With fresh coffee on my desk, I accept an Employer Branding meeting invite with some of the marketing team. During this meeting, I will get to present my ideas and strategize an outline of posts for the following months. As the day begins to wrap up, I check my to do list and make sure I accomplished everything I needed to get done.

4:30 pm

The work day is done. I clock out, shut off my laptop, and gather up all of my things. I say goodbye to my team and start my commute home ready for a new day tomorrow!

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July 2024

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