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our new home - Crow Works

Johnstown Move 

An Ohio company through and through, Columbus was the home of our client-facing office for the past seven years. In that time, we grew from less than 10 to almost 30 employees, and space was getting tight! As we searched for a new home downtown, it became more and more challenging to find the right spot. Our co-founder Denise recalled the process – “We started to think these challenges were happening for a reason. That’s when we decided it was time to look outside of Columbus.” Our home base is located in rural Killbuck, Ohio. Our move from downtown was the perfect opportunity to get even closer to the root of all we do, and Johnstown felt like a natural fit. It makes more sense for our client experience, and roots us in a community that shares our values of grit and hustle. “Coming into town, I was reminded of the small town I grew up in,” Denise said. “Moving to Johnstown felt like coming home.”


The Transformation

We purchased two neighboring buildings in the heart of Johnstown, a bank and a laundromat, and got to work. We completely renovated the laundromat and the second-floor apartments, and began the process of creating our dream office space. The only catch? We had less than six months before we had to move in. But, in the spirit of all we do, we welcomed the challenge. Despite the daunting task of a complete remodel in less than six months we were able to move in to the new space in early June – just another sign that we found the right spot.

The Finished Product

Fast forward to today, and the two-building office is a warm, bright, and beautiful space that encapsulates all we love in design.

downstaris 2

The bank has gorgeous charm, with the original vault still intact, and the surrounding windows flood the space with light. A garage door opens up to the patio where the office bikes are available to take a break and explore the town’s bike paths. 


The neighboring upstairs apartments have transformed into open-concept office space, featuring a full kitchen and meeting space featuring our custom Chesterfield sofa.


Completely outfitted in Crow Works furniture, Account Manager Rachael Cernus says working here “feels like working at home.” Without forgoing efficiency, the office feels like a relaxed and warm space – a space we’re happy to come to every day.

common area-1

Our team has also loved exploring the town. Reflecting on the move, Denise says, “I take pride in the opportunities this office gives our team. I love being able to offer bike rides and seeing the team enjoy the local diner.” Everyone has embraced the spirit of the town. 

It’s always nerve-racking being the new kid (or business) in town, but Johnstown has welcomed us with open arms, and we could not be more grateful. We plan to start an electric shuttle service to Killbuck, and the village council has been excited to add an electric charging station. As we grow, the town has been eager to grow with us.

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July 2024

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