We are a design and manufacturing company, born from the vision of two passionate founders and grown with tireless dedication into today’s thriving operation. Our journey began in 1995 with a commitment to find American design that was as useful as it is beautiful. What began as a small retail store, quickly turned into a commercial furniture business focused on designing and building unique products for restaurants, hotels, retail, and offices. Over the years we have cultivated a community of curious people who care about each other and the world around us. Our love for great design and the natural world can be seen in the beauty and warmth of the products we make, the materials we use and the experiences we create. No matter what we are doing, we approach our work with grit and gratitude, striving to make each other and the world around us better, stronger, and more connected every day.

Manufacturing is only the beginning. Whatever it takes, no matter how hard the problem we’re solving, we strive to deliver the highest level of service to our clients, and build the kind of relationships that last. Because we know that what we make will never be as important as what they help people do. We imagine a world of beautiful, useful design that inspires connection and encourages engagement. We aim to connect people to each other and to the world through our designs, while creating remarkable experiences for our clients and inspiring each other along the way.