Shake Shack Livonia 10 - Crow Works

Shake Shack

Crow Works was selected by the Shake Shack leadership team to be the furniture design partner with Zebra on the vision for the “Next Generation Shack”. This work is pushing QSR design to new heights with a smaller indoor footprint, balanced indoor and outdoor seating, and a drive thru offering. Crow Works was a one-stop shop for design, production, and distribution for the total package. 

Shake Shack and Crow Works evolved their furniture design to be more elevated and align with their “Stand for Something Good” program. Shake Shack utilized quality materials with thick White Oak tables made in Ohio and included unique touches such as edge profiles and table brands to execute on their vision. 

Shake Shack has also been focused on sustainability and biophilic design, so Crow Works was a natural fit. Our hardwoods sourced in Appalachia and manufacturing process allow us to be a great partner on sustainably sourcing, producing, and distributing their front of house furniture package. The design even has plants designed into the central banquette to bring a natural feel to the space. 

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