Ghostwriter Custom Chair

Custom Commercial Furniture Packages

We love working with clients to create large-scale, custom furniture packages designed to suit their needs. From colorful metal powder coats to using client’s own material (COM) or client’s own leather (COL), our products can be designed to match any brand’s aesthetic. We support a wide range of industries with our products. Crow Works has collaborated with clients for projects in food and beverage, hospitality, office, religious institutions, education, senior living, and others.

For even larger projects, we can work together to create fully custom products. Our streamlined custom product development process consists of design, 3D modeling, value engineering, and rapid prototyping, ensuring competitive lead times. Reach out to us to discuss your next custom project.

Explore some of our custom projects

Starbucks Portfolio

We partnered with Starbucks and used their design inspiration to bring their vision to life. The resulting collection features simple, comfortable products that were designed to withstand the wear and tear…


We partnered with Wendy’s to provide a furniture package for their Smart 2.0 restaurants in the US and Canada. The package incorporates our products with custom-designed pieces that are unique to Wendy’s…

Shake Shack Portfolio
Shake Shack

We partner with Shake Shack to provide tables, pickup shelves, and ordering kiosks for their locations across the US. Black walnut tabletops in our durable Natural finish…

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