Ghostwriter Public House - Booth Detail


We specialize in full-scale table and seating packages for restaurant and hospitality environments. Our design and engineering teams will work with you to create products that suit your needs for scaled production. Take a look at our portfolio projects to see some examples of our work for a wide range of brands.

Starbucks Portfolio

We partnered with Starbucks and used their design inspiration to bring their vision to life. The resulting collection features simple, comfortable products that were designed to withstand the wear and tear…

Shake Shack Portfolio
Shake Shack

We partner with Shake Shack to provide tables, pickup shelves, and ordering kiosks for their locations across the US. Black walnut tabletops in our durable Natural finish…

Wendy's Portfolio

We partnered with Wendy’s to provide a furniture package for their Smart 2.0 restaurants in the US and Canada. The package incorporates our products with custom-designed pieces that are unique to Wendy’s…

The Goat Portfolio
The Goat

We paired our products with fully custom designs to help build an aesthetic that fits each location of The Goat. Gunmetal paired with American White Oak creates a modern but inviting space that easily transitions…

Ghostwriter Public House Portfolio
Ghostwriter Public House

From brass knuckle tap handles to custom hot rolled steel countertops, every inch of Ghostwriter Public House has been thoughtfully designed and outfitted by Crow Works…

LEON Portfolio

We worked with London-based quick service favorite, LEON, to create a suite of products for their US brand roll out in Washington D.C. Tailor-made to create a refined complement to their large scale, colorful decor…

Fox in the Snow Portfolio
Fox in the Snow

Fox in the Snow is known for bustling, cozy cafés and has a reputation for excellent pastries. When we had the opportunity to work with the owners…

High Bank Distillery Co. Portfolio
High Bank Distillery Co.

We partnered with High Bank Distillery Co. to provide furniture in a unique mixture of materials. Wood, leather, and metal, in customized finishes make the furniture package perfect for their design needs…

The Lox Bagel Shop Portfolio
The Lox Bagel Shop

We worked with the owners of The Lox Bagel Shop to select products that were functional for their space, as well as adaptable for different seating arrangements…

Taim Portfolio

Taim, a fast-casual falafel restaurant, turned to Crow Works for their first location outside NYC. To bring the warmth of natural materials into the space…

Fusian Portfolio

We partnered with sushi fast-casual favorite, Fusian, to provide a furniture package that matched their fresh and airy aesthetic…

Echo Spirits Distilling Co. Portfolio
Echo Spirits Distilling Co.

We partnered with Echo Spirits Distilling Co. to provide a furniture package for their brand new space that features the high-contrast pairing of our Cask and Gunmetal…