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Our products are crafted from American White Oak, American Black Walnut, and American Hard Maple. These quintessential hardwoods are considered among the most durable. Our wood is a proprietary blend that elevates the under-utilized parts of the tree, focusing on character, durability, and beauty.

Our region is net positive in tree harvesting and we take care in our sourcing to see that nothing goes to waste. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we initiated our “Tree for Every Top” program in 2021. For every tabletop we sell, we plant a sapling in our community as an investment in the environment.

Each tabletop is finished with a durable, UV-resistant, matte top coat. This makes our products built-to-last as well as easy to clean. Our signature finishes complement and emphasize the natural beauty and color of the wood.

Tabletop Wood Species

White Oak

Black Walnut

Hard Maple



Butcher Block


1″ Thick

1.25″ Thick

1.75″ Thick

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We value the materials and craftsmanship that make our tabletops possible. Our wood is sustainably harvested in Ohio and surrounding states. It is examined and cut into staves by an industry expert and finished by hand with pride and care. Our furniture is priced with this value in mind and knowing that it will stand the test of time.

  • In 2021 we initiated our “Tree for Every Top” program.
  • Our hardwoods are regionally and responsibly sourced from the Appalachian area.
  • We have zero wood waste. The wood cut offs are used at our sister company, Ghostwriter Public House, and to run a boiler for a partner company. The sawdust is used for animal bedding.
  • Our raw lumber is purchased from an FSC certified sawmill.
  • Forested land in Ohio has grown from 15% in 1940 to over 30% today!
  • We plant more trees each year in Ohio than we harvest.